How to Arrange a Small Kitchen [Tips]

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In this article, I give you a few tips on how to arrange a small kitchen. Have you ever wondered why the kitchen is someone’s favorite space in the house? That’s because miracles happen in the kitchen! In it, every house becomes a home!

However, sometimes we can’t cope with it. The reason is always the same – so many unnecessary things, devices that we haven’t used for years, superfluous and impractical “bothers”. And always the same comforting thought: “I’d better save it, I don’t know when I might need it.”

Get such ideas out of your head, because your kitchen is not a warehouse or pantry, and don’t avoid the fact that simple kitchens are the most practical!

Smaller or larger space – it doesn’t matter

Culinary lovers often like to perform their culinary tricks in larger kitchen spaces, while smaller kitchens are seen as cramped and impractical. However, this is not the case.

Of course, it is a greater pleasure to cook in the kitchen, where we have space to turn around, act freely, and do not think about whether we will break something or not. However, space does not necessarily mean that the kitchen must be huge. Even smaller kitchens give us the opportunity to move freely in them and we have a lot of places to enjoy being real culinary magicians. Small but harmonious kitchens can be more practical than large and overcrowded ones because space is not always the only measure of practicality.

Harmonious layout – guaranteed functionality

In order for everything in the kitchen to function properly, most space should be given to the basic kitchen elements. It is impossible for the sink to be behind the door or in a corner because it has the most important place.

If there is space in the kitchen, the kitchen counter is the right solution and help when it is hurriedly prepared, when there is no more space on the random table or when we serve stored food, even when there is no space for neoprene dishes in the sink. A kitchen counter is considered practical and desirable in any kitchen, of course, if space allows it.

Hanging parts – practical guards for cups, plates, pots, and other things, it is always best to have above the sink, as is traditionally the case, because imagine how tiring and dull it would be if we had to put the washed cup in the hanging part at the other end of the kitchen.

For the same reason – practicality, it is easier to place the stove right next to the desk and sink. Also, spice racks, cutlery or maybe a mixer should be located nearby, preferably above or next to the desk.

Simple but practical – it is possible to achieve. The right solution is a smaller kitchen table, round in shape, which has pull-out parts for the needs, folding chairs that we can put aside if space is needed. There are also various built-in appliances – built-in dishwashers, aspirators, Bosch refrigerator and other devices that do not take up much space, and are extremely practical.

Unnecessary things, goodbye!

In order for the kitchen to be practical, everything must be arranged in the right way. This means that there is no place in the kitchen for unnecessary and superfluous things, bulky devices that take up space and are not in function or worse, those that only serve to fill the space.

Simplicity requires that you have only what is necessary for food preparation (stove, work surfaces, sink, and of course – dishes). That is why there is no need to store juicers that you have not used for years, blenders, coffee machines, or toasters that do not work but serve to “decorate” the desk.

If you have decided to paint, redecorate or renovate your kitchen, keep in mind that you will solve half the job by putting such things away from the kitchen. Not only do you give the space importance, but you won’t even be obligated to dust off a useless item.

Details – decoration or function?

Although they seem to be completely unimportant and not given much attention, details are most important, not only for the kitchen but for every corner of the house. This is what the eye cannot miss and what makes the ambiance even more beautiful. Sometimes they just seem to take up space and are unnecessary decoration, but that’s not the case!

The details do not have to serve only for decoration, because when we talk about details, we do not only mean magnets that adorn the refrigerator, vases or flowerpots, tablecloths, and the like. There are a number of details that are very practical.

For example, self-adhesive hooks are the right solution so that your apron is always at hand, and you don’t have to look for it in drawers. Also, the napkin or napkin rack does not take up much space, as do the coasters for cups and cups or dispensers for dishwashing liquid. All this can be a beautiful and functional kitchen decoration.

Beauty is in the simple, the modest, the harmonious, and the practical. And all this is quite possible. If you make an effort, think rationally, and evaluate well, the kitchen will not be a tedious obligation, but a place to enjoy and relax! And for the very end, read our text about the top trends in interior design, it will surely be useful to you. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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