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Since we have already helped Android phone users discover hidden options that will help them use their devices more efficiently, today we will help those who use iOS. Here are 12 hidden iOS 11 options you may not have known about that will make your life easier.

Here is my list, without any intention of classifying options by importance:

  1. Dark Mode – Dark mode is not something that is hidden from the user, and you probably already know that it has been there for a long time. As a reminder, use the following path to activate it: Settings> General> Accessibility> Display accommodations> Invert Color.
    However, what you probably don’t know is how to create a shortcut that will help you easily activate Dark Mode. You can do this by visiting Settings> General> Accessibility Shortcuts> Smart Invert Colors. When you’re done you’ll see that Smart Invert will appear when you press the Home button three times. You need to click the Home button three times in a row to turn off this option.
  1. Get rid of apps you don’t use – You’ve probably had your phone fill with a bunch of apps at once, without actually using more than half of them. It needs to be tidied up from time to time, and imagine someone doing it automatically for you. Now it’s possible, and here’s how to do it: visit Settings, select the General option and find the iPhone Storage setting there and activate the Offload unused apps option. Any apps you haven’t used recently will be automatically deleted.
  1. Type questions for Siri – if you had trouble using Siri because she didn’t understand your English, here’s a great solution. You can now type questions for your virtual assistant. To activate this option, use the following path Settings> General> Accessibility> Siri> Enable type to Siri.
  2. Do not disturb while driving – this interesting option helps you reduce the number of distractions that occur while behind the wheel. It activates very easily – go to the Settings menu, look for the Do Not Disturb option and activate Do not Disturb While Driving. Not only will this option help you resist the urge to send messages and make phone calls while driving, but it will also help you avoid the increasingly severe police penalties that threaten reckless drivers.
  1. SOS data – in case you have an accident, it is very important that you have your basic data on your phone. On the iPhone, they are in Emergency SOS. This option is set in the Health application. Among other things, you can define who your SOS contact is and leave this person’s phone number there. When you find yourself in trouble it is enough to quickly press the power button on your phone five times and your contact will be called immediately. We strongly recommend that you use this option and fill in your Medical ID in the Health application , because you never know when you may need it.
  2. Use Notes to scan documents – forget about capturing documents, now there is a much better way to digitize them – use the Notes app. Here’s how to do it: go to Notes and launch the New Note option, you’ll see a “+” sign at the bottom of the screen, click it, and select the “Scan Documents” option. A camera interface will soon appear that you can adjust to the way you want to scan the document. After scanning, you can even use additional options to adjust the image quality or correct curved edges.
  1. Notes on the lock screen – another interesting option in the Notes application is the ability to use it even when your screen is locked. To activate this option, use the following path: Settings> Control Center> Notes> Access Notes from Lock Screen. This feature can be very useful in situations where you need to notice something quickly.
  2. Adjustable Control Center – speaking of the control center, it should be mentioned that it is now fully configurable. Since it is easily accessed, by a simple scroll up, you can put all those handy shortcuts that you need here. To determine what is in your Control Center, go to Settings and select the Control Center option. Here you can select the tools you need.
  3. Drag pictures from one album to another – arranging pictures on your phone is always a tedious job and we’re not all about accepting that. To make this job easier, the creators of iOS have allowed us to simply group images and drag them from one place to another. All you have to do is drag the images to the lower right corner of your screen and when you have collected all the photos you want to drag them to the left. You will then be taken to Album view and you can select a new destination for your photos.
  4. Define which notifications you want to receive and how – Use the Notification Center option in the Settings menu to determine how and how you want to receive notifications. Here you can define how you want to be informed about news in each individual application.
  1. Play with your Live Photos – Did you know that you can have a lot of fun with your Live Photos? All you have to do is drag the desired Live image up. A set of very interesting options that you can use will appear. In addition to the Loop and Bounce options, there are also Live and Long Exposure.
  2. Draw on your phone – drawing is a lot of fun, especially when doing it with your fingers and on your phone. To draw, launch the Notes app, launch a new Note, and use the Add Scatch option. You can save your drawings and even share them with others via email or social networks.
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