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Do you have images like this in your head when financial freedom is mentioned to you? Lazing on the beach while drinking cocktails at the same time surrounded by representative specimens of the opposite sex?

The picture is small, but feel free to add a yacht, a villa and a BMW. Honestly I don’t know anyone who has really become financially free lying on the beach. Usually this is achieved with years of effort and work, but we can never look at the other side. We don’t really like that. We would like the end result without paying the price. If we had that much money, we would probably never move a finger for the rest of our lives.

It is precisely because of such an attitude that we will never have it. Interestingly, people who have become financially free or rich do not waste their time lounging. They still work as if nothing has happened.

Some work even harder. Are they normal? Greedy? What is their problem. Nothing. They did not become financially free because they would never work again. They became that because they wanted to do as much as possible of themselves. They had a passion to which they devoted themselves and which it didn’t go away when the first money came in. It’s hard to understand when we have a beach and a cocktail in our heads.

Unfortunately, many books on wealth and earnings subtly preach just that laziness and attitude when you get rich you no longer have to work. Just look at the richest people in the world and what they do. Lying on the beach? Not. And if you want to have about that much money for a moment forget about the beach.

Now that we have suppressed dreams of a comfortable life on the beach the question is what can we do today to become financially free?

We are financially free at the moment when our money or property we have is earning enough to cover our basic living expenses. At that point we can stop doing our 8-16 job and we will be able to continue living by maintaining the same standard. Then it is easier to breathe. There isn’t that much pressure anymore and we can turn to ourselves. We can ask ourselves long-forgotten questions and set out to fulfill our dreams. What do we really want to achieve and create in life? How to spend your life in the best possible way? Such questions are seldom asked as long as we are trapped and have to work.

It is a great advantage that we live in a nice country where we need little money for a normal life. It means we can more easily become financially free.

The more modest we are, the closer our financial freedom is. Sounds weird? Not really.

If $3,000 is enough for our life and we manage to achieve a monthly income of $3,000 that does not depend on our active work, that is, the money comes even when we are “not working”, we have reached financial freedom. And what? That’s it? And where are the cocktails yacht and BMW? There’s none. With financial freedom we become free and have a lot more time than before, but that doesn’t automatically mean a lot more money.

Once you become financially free take the time and think about what you really want in life. If it is a desire for great wealth, go in that direction. Just always keep in mind that those who earn the most work all the time. Don’t fall prey to commercials about a comfortable rich life. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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