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The face is the part of the body on which the complete state of our organism is read. Also, we can best express emotions with facial expressions and looks, and even some hidden messages that we do not want to communicate publicly. Eyebrows play a key role in all this.

Unfortunately, time, emotions, stress, and all the situations that life imposes on us, leave a mark on our faces. Thus, the eyebrows can be lowered over time, making the eyes look smaller, and we look tired and in a bad mood.

In addition, there are people who are born with naturally lowered eyebrows, where this deficiency accompanies them throughout life. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery solves this problem in a quick and easy way.

What does eyebrow-raising mean?

Aesthetic surgery under this term implies the technique of raising lowered eyebrows along their entire length or only their outer part. Eyebrow lifting is one of the easier surgical techniques, with a short and almost painless recovery period, which makes this procedure a favorite for both sexes.

First step: define desire

Before the operation itself, it is important to make a safe and thoughtful decision regarding the clinic and the surgeon who will perform the procedure.

Although raising eyebrows is a less demanding technique, the fact is that we give a certain person the right to perform surgery on our body, which in case of incompetence can leave consequences.

The Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Colic has more than 20,000 satisfied clients worldwide, which is the best guarantee of quality. It is recommended that you get well informed and then make an informed decision about who you want to work with.

Second step: preparation with an experienced expert

After the first step is completed, a consultation with the chosen surgeon follows in order to better understand the desire that the client wants to achieve. Medical examinations will follow, in order to determine which operative techniques need to be performed in order to achieve the desired appearance.

It may be necessary to combine eyebrow lifting with a facelift or eyelid lift. One such complete procedure is a bit more complex and the operation itself takes longer, but all the shortcomings are solved with one move. That is why good preparation is important because cosmetic surgery does not allow for any improvisation.

After the preparation is complete, it is time for surgery.

Third step: surgery

The operative technique when raising eyebrows is very simple. If the lifting is done along the entire length, three smaller stitches are made on the skin of the upper edge of the eyebrow, from where thin threads are pulled under the skin of the forehead to the hairy part of the head, where they will be fixed.

If only the outer part of the eyebrows is raised, one small sting on the skin on both sides is needed. The Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Colic uses local anesthesia for this purpose.

As it is a lighter type of operation, its duration is set at 30 minutes. If face lifting and possible lifting of the eyelids are included in the operation, it will take two to four hours to perform the operation, depending on the number and specifics of the techniques that will be covered.

Step 4: Recovery after surgery

The eyebrow lifting operation is so simple that after it, the recovery period is almost non-existent. It is only necessary to avoid facial expressions for a few days after the operation, and you will return to your usual daily activities the next day.

The usual effect after the operation is that in the first few days, the eyebrows will look as if they have been raised more than planned, but they will drop to the desired level after a few days.

It is known that cosmetic surgery also involves complicated procedures with a long recovery period. However, this is by no means the case with raising eyebrows. In a very short time and with almost imperceptible recovery, a more open and beautiful view is achieved almost painlessly.

The Clinic for Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Colic contains a team of experts who, with their skills and dedication, will make every operation as pleasant as possible, with maximum effect.

Because beauty is not a desire, it is our right.

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