Everyday Use Gadgets [For All Genders]

In this article, I give you my list of gadgets I like for everyday use (unisex, for all genders). And, what technology do you use on a daily basis?

So, let’s start with the small stuff. A device you’re probably familiar with because it’s the prototypical Android smartwatch, the Moto 360. This one is the second edition with the silver metal bracelet. Because I didn’t want the leather getting funky over time like it did on the first-gen.

Also, I went with the 42-millimeter casing rather than the 46. I figured the smaller watch would look better on my average size wrists, and I gambled that its smaller battery wouldn’t matter much to a guy who charges the thing every night anyway.

Turns out I was right on both counts. You can make fun of the so-called flat tire, you can scoff at the decision to go with LCD over AMOLED, and you can balk at the high price, all valid complaints, but I’ve grown to love the Moto 360.

No matter which phone I’m carrying, it’s almost always paired to this watch. That’s with the exception of my Windows phone, of course.

I usually carry more than one mobile, and the second is almost always my Lumia 950. I run stock software on it, no insider builds, because I like to stay in touch with what the normal Windows 10 mobile experience is if there is such a thing.

I couldn’t live with that dull and cheap back cover that comes in the box, though, so I picked up a brown leather one from Mozo, which also turned out to be pretty cheap. Oh well. Anyway,

Continuum is still really fun when I wanna plug into a monitor and run a stripped-down Windows 10 machine. And as for the phone itself, well, I did a review of it here.

For now, suffice it to say there’s a reason it’s my backup phone. Still, even a B-list phone needs a friend, and because wearing two smartwatches is lame, but apparently wearing a smartwatch and a fitness band is okay,

I also bought a Microsoft Band 2. Would I buy it again? Probably not. I have some build quality complaints, it has some connectivity issues, and to be honest, this thing is supreme overkill for someone whose workouts are confined to brisk walks to and from the Pizza fast food.

Now, when a smartphone screen just isn’t enough, which is often, by the way, I’ve got a few machines to choose from. I love the power of the Surface Pro 4, and I like the portability of Google’s Pixel C, which still feels more futuristic than any laptop I’ve ever used.

But most of my work is making videos. And because I edit in Final Cut, the Retina MacBook Pro from Apple is my go-to notebook most of the time.

It’s big, heavy, and so commonplace that I had to stick a sticker on mine to tell it apart from my colleagues. But it’s a reliable workhorse that legs me publish videos of the same quality all the time.

And what about that most asked about of all pocket gadgets, the much-ballyhooed daily driver? To be honest, I don’t have one yet. All the phones I’ve used have been review devices, and my usual go-to, the artist is formerly known as Motorola.

Also, while I recently named Samsung’s Galaxy S7 the best Android, that’s not the one I prefer to carry personally. That honor, for now, belongs to the HTC 10.

Its rock-solid build and speedy software are what got me on board in the first place, and the optically stabilized front-facing camera is what kept the 10 in my pocket. It made it so much easier to film all timelapse periscopes and Snapchats.

I have more to say about the 10, check out my review here. And HTC gets another mention in this article.

When my Bose QC35s are just too hot and heavy for a summer walkabout, I use HTC’s Active Buds. They’re sweat-proof, magnetic, and pseudo-stylish. They’ve been a mainstay in my pocket since last summer.

And finally, no technology tour is complete without a little bit of a throwback. I received no promotional consideration for featuring these products. But if you want any of these for your own, the links are below. Feel free to share this post

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