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Everyone says that Disneyland in Paris is the happiest place on the planet. It is also the most popular attraction in Paris, with more visits than the Eiffel Tower.

On almost 5 thousand hectares here you can find 2 theme parks, several hotels, a complex for shopping, restaurants and entertainment, a golf course and other entertainment for both you and the youngest members of the family.

At only 32 kilometers from the most romantic city in the world, Paris, you can feel the adrenaline like never before, so read below how to spend a fairytale day at Disneyland.

Awaken the child in you.
There are numerous entertaining contents here that will ignite children’s imagination, and crazy roller coasters that will truly represent a unique experience will take you back to your childhood.

See the entrance to Disneyland Paris on a featured photo above.

At the very entrance to the park, you will get a map that you more than need to not wander and waste time, because Disneyland can be a country by its size: it has 49 attractions divided into 5 main areas.

1 Main street – preparing for a crazy adventure

When you pick up the map, the next thing you come across is Main Street, which is decorated like a 19th-century South American town. This street will take you to the very heart of the park (Sleeping Beauty Castle) which will delight your child.

From here you can go to any of the other 4 areas, and the adventures you will experience match the craziest dreams.

2 Fantasyland – the right thing for the youngest

The land of fantasy is the part of the park that is most interesting for children. Here you can enjoy the spectacle “Little World” during which puppets from all over the world sing and play with the song “It’s a Small World”. But be careful – you will probably sing this song for the rest of the day.

After that, you can visit Neverland and go in search of Captain Cook with the “Peter Pan” attraction.

And when you return from Neverland, follow Alice through “Wonderland” and enjoy the sights and surprises along the way. Be sure to stop by Crazy Hatter, because spinning in big colorful cups is a really unique experience.

3 Discoveryland – for a little braver

Now, a part for slightly older visitors is entering the scene – the Land of Discovery. For those who want to feel the rush of adrenaline, “Space Mountain” is the right thing to do because it will launch you into a twisted fast ride through the unknown.

Then visit and destroy the center of the empire during the “Star Tour” after greeting R2D2 as you walk through the droid workshop.

4 Frontierland – legends of the Wild West

Does riding the wild and fastest train to Mississippi sound tempting to you? Then hug the person next to you and board the amazing Big Thunder Mountain.

And if you want to find out what happened at the most horrible wedding ever, visit “Phantom Castle” and get ready for a creepy solution to the mystery of the bride who is ready to wait for her groom.

And for a spectacular Wild West cruise, rent a Mark Twain/Molly Brown boat and see all the wonders of the Borderland.

5 Adventureland – an action that turns the stomach

Poisonous thorns and screaming mummies will be waiting for you in “Indiana Jones Castle”. Don’t worry, I can’t do anything to you. Once you enter the castle you will find yourself in a wagon running through the ancient ruins.

When you survive the Castle, embark on a devilish adventure with the most obscene pirate from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and be sure to take a photo with him.

In Disneyland you can try ice cream from the middle of the last century.
If you are wondering how to choose a restaurant while you are here, the choice is very simple – just ask yourself which of the Disney characters you like the most, since all the cafes and restaurants are thematically arranged so that you can have the best time.

Just one example is a restaurant that is arranged as a scene from the movie “Book of the Jungle” which instead of a ceiling has creepers and real birds in them, and the band plays live music from the movie while you eat. There is nothing that can spoil this atmosphere.

Since food at Disneyland is quite expensive, we recommend that you bring a lot of sandwiches and drinks in your backpack, or opt for fast food restaurants in Disney Village where meals are more or less cheaper.

How long does it take to tour Paris Disneyland?

If you do not plan to run from one side to another, you need several days to tour Disneyland in Paris, because in addition to the park, there is also a “Disney Village” and a “Walt Disney” studio park.

Also, there is a special section with special complexes dedicated to the cartoons “Lilo and Stitch” or “Aladdin”, and here you can meet and get to know many now legendary Disney heroes such as Mickey, Sheila or Pluto.

Disneyland’s opening hours vary depending on the season, but also on whether you are a guest of one of the hotels located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Those who are accommodated in one of the 7 hotels in the complex, can enter the park from 8 am, while regular visitors can enter only from 10, which makes things much easier for hotel guests (read: reduces queues).

Depending on the month and day, the park is sometimes open until 18:00, and sometimes until 23:00, but you can always find this information on the official website.

The ticket price for adults is 85 euros if you want to visit both Disney parks, or 72 euros if you opt for only one.

Fastpass – don’t wait in line

Fastpass is a great relief if you are willing to pay for it, because believe me – it’s worth it.

There are rides for which the queue is waiting for more than an hour, so if you visit the attractions in the morning and take a fast pass for those you want to try – you are immediately in line and save yourself the painstaking wait.

The principle is the following – you get to the desired attraction, insert your tickets into the machine, and it will issue you new cards with the driving time.

How to get to Disneyland from Paris?

If you are staying in Paris, and you want to visit this amusement park – you can catch the RER A4 train and get directly to Disneyland.

You can catch this train in the city center and it goes around the Paris suburbs, and you can reach the park in 35 minutes at a price of only 2 euros.

Traveling to Disneyland is truly a unique experience that will provide you with a handful of memories for a lifetime. Don’t forget to take photos that will remind you of this adventure, and get interesting souvenirs that are sold there. You can also wrap some of them in interesting wrapping paper and surprise dear people who have not visited this place.

If you are going to Disneyland, arm yourself with a good mood and comfortable shoes, and in the meantime read what are the most popular types of trips we go on.

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