Chemical Facial Peeling – a Solution for Smooth and Renewed Skin

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Some people avoid facial treatment that involves AHA acids. However, once you find out all the benefits and benefits of using them, you will get rid of prejudices and dilemmas and you will no longer be able to do without treatments such as chemical facial peels!

However, it is important to find a professional beauty salon, because only a professional will know to whom, in what concentrations, and how AHA acids should be included in the chemical facial peeling for a certain individual treatment.

If you think that the use of acids in cosmetics is harmful and dangerous, we want to break your misconceptions, noting that you should distinguish those that have beneficial effects on your skin type, and know how to use selected acids to extract useful properties from them.

If your skin type is normal or mixed, the most suitable preparations and treatments for the face are those that contain AHA acids or alpha-hydroxy acids. This type of natural acid is found mainly in fruits, milk, and sugar, and their effect is such that they affect the rapid regeneration of cells on the surface of the skin.

Therefore, they are extremely useful in treatments that require the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, photo-damage to the skin, scars from pimples and acne, and all other visible skin changes.

One of the most useful and common is glycolic acid for the face, obtained from sugar, which quickly and easily enters the pores, penetrates the skin, and affects its renewal.

Then there is lactobionic i.e. lactic acid, which is found in dairy products and fermented fruits and vegetables and is useful for sensitive skin, as well as citric acid, which is an ingredient in citrus fruits with antioxidant action and protects the skin from free radicals and works against dark spots and scars on the face.

AHA acids are natural exfoliants or substances that effectively clean pores and remove dead and thickened cells from the skin surface, blemishes, wrinkles, and scars, leading to the creation of new, healthy cells, regeneration, hydration, and skin tightening, and a uniform and radiant complexion.

AHA acids can also be used in home variants, ie some preparations contain these natural acids, usually in milder forms and concentrations up to 15%. However, if you want to feel their full power – it is necessary to turn to professionals in the cosmetic field or to find an adequate cosmetic center that will do a chemical facial peel with a higher concentration of these or other suitable acids for your skin type.

Chemical peeling – experiences with treatments

If you want to inquire about how a treatment such as chemical peels works, you can read the experiences of people who have tried it on various forums and sites about cosmetic treatments, but for treatments such as chemical peels – experiences depend not only on your skin type but most of the knowledge and professionalism of the person to whom you will place your trust.

The treatment that uses glycolic acid for the face must be a bit stinging since the active substances work when they penetrate the skin and perform exfoliation, but the glycolic acid for the face used for chemical peeling is certainly safe and painless, with minimal side effects.

Experts in this business will know how to determine the exact dose that will work effectively, chemical peeling, ie. make experiences positive and recovery quick. Chemical facial peeling should definitely be a pleasant experience after which you will notice the results almost immediately – your face will be clean, hydrated, radiant, and rejuvenated, skin fresh, even complexion, and stronger structure!

However, in order for chemical facial peeling to be really pleasant, you need to find an adequate beauty salon with many years of experience, and Xenia Doctor’s Center is one of them.

Don’t be drawn to offers in which the price for chemical peels is extremely low because these are usually salons where not experienced enough people work. When it comes to chemical peels, the price should not be the deciding factor, because it is still about your face and appearance that you can improve or worsen, depending on the expertise of the person of the chosen salon.

In case you need a chemical peel – the price will also depend on which cosmetic line is used in the salon, and the motto “as much money, as much music” usually applies.

When is the best time for chemical facial peels?

When the heat and strong radiation pass, then glycolic acid for the face and other substances can have the best effect on the skin. Chemical peeling reduces the protective role, so after this treatment, you must be careful when exposed to sunlight and be sure to use products with a high protection factor!

There are surface and deep chemical peels, and what you will need depends on the problem you want to treat in this way. It is most important for those who have problems with scars and hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, texture and uneven complexion, oily skin and enlarged pores, and other similar problems that threaten your appearance, and thus your self-confidence!

Chemical peels usually need to be repeated 6-8 times in 3 to 4 weeks, and in addition to combining appropriate products for home use. One of the cosmetic lines that contain AHA acids and other natural substances is Neostrata for normal and combination skin, but there are also other preparations from renowned cosmetic brands such as Exuvinace and the like.

Know that no preparation or treatment will give perfect results after just one use, but continuity and adherence to the advice of professionals are required. However, do not overdo it with this treatment and products, because you can make the skin sensitive, and especially avoid the area around the eyes, which is already sensitive in itself.

People with a dark complexion should consult a dermatologist before deciding on this step, and moderation is certainly what is always needed in everything, even when it comes to chemical peels! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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