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The iPad mini 2 is Apple’s latest device in the fight for the small tablet market. The manufacturer seems to have succeeded in that because it has built a great new A7 chip into this device, as well as an incredible 128GB of internal memory (albeit in the most expensive version).

The icing on the cake is the fantastic Retina screen, as well as the improved battery life so that the increased number of pixels and the powerful processor last a long time. However, that is only one part of the story, because the question of the price is raised, which is quite balanced this time, which is unusual for Apple, but certainly praiseworthy.

The problem with this tablet may be that both the Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX have a similar price. As expected, the iPad mini 2 does not have a memory slot, so it is almost certain that buying a 16GB version is not the best choice.

The story that Apple devices need to be paid more just because they carry the Apple logo is slowly ceasing to be valid. Competition is putting pressure, and Apple is slowly adapting to the market. Still, Apple’s devices, including this tablet, are well designed and belong to the premium segment, but spending more money on more memory may not be worth it.

Still, the iPad mini 2 is a big step up from the first version of the iPad mini. There’s a new quad-core A7 processor and quad-core graphics, so it can be said that the iPad mini 2 is fighting a battle with a price that it might even win.

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Apple iPad Mini 2

iPad mini 2 design

The difference compared to last year’s model is insignificant. It becomes clearer when you take the tablet in your hands and feel some 20 grams more. The iPad mini 2 shares its design lines with the iPad Air. The iPad mini 2 is convenient to hold in one hand. The aluminum case is a big plus.

This may be the biggest difference compared to the Nexus 7, so the build quality is on Apple’s tablet side. Just look at the tablet to make it clear that it has the best design on the market. Smooth surfaces and gently rounded edges are a great combination. When you hold the tablet in your hand, you get the impression that everything is very well made and that there is no chance that something will break.

iPad mini 2 screen

There is no need to spend too many words on this screen. Its absence on the first-generation iPad mini was a great pity, but the omission was corrected. The text and each letter, in particular, are crystal clear and clean, the colors are quite realistic, and when you turn on the tablet you will see incredibly sharp icons that will make you use this great device a lot.

The iPad Air has a slightly better picture, but it’s still a more powerful device, so that’s not a real comparison. Perhaps the only real problem here is the 4: 3 image display that Apple uses, so you’ll have to get used to the black lines at the top and bottom of the screen when watching videos.

This is especially important since most of us buy a tablet to enjoy a movie or video clip. However, due to the quality of this 7.9-inch screen, surfing the net and playing games is a real treat. The music and video playback are really great.

iPad mini 2 interface

The new iOS 7 has brought a lot of improvements here, which Apple longed for so much. Now everything looks better, clearer and clearer. In addition, the iPad mini 2 offers quite a number of settings, so you can choose whether you want some 3D animations and effects or not.

There are noticeable changes in the notification menu, control part, task manager, and more. However, there is still not as much personalization as with Android, because Apple still wants everything to be simple and efficient.

iPad mini 2 camera

The camera interface is simplified compared to the one with the iPhone 5s, just like with the iPad Air. This means you won’t have all the shooting options as on Apple’s best phone, which can spoil the impression a bit of this camera that takes very good photos, despite being only 5MP. The camera focuses very well and the tablet itself is quite practical for shooting in portrait mode.

iPad mini 2 battery life

The battery is 50% bigger than the one from the previous version. And that’s a full hit. Despite the more pixels, the stronger processor battery holds up well. If you don’t insist on watching videos and playing more demanding games, you’ll charge the battery every third day on average, which is great. If you are still a more demanding user, know that there is no fear that the battery will run out before the end of the day.

iPad mini 2 conclusion

This really great-looking tablet simply impresses with its aluminum appearance. Also, it is commendable that Apple managed to install a super-fast processor and a generous battery while keeping the device with a slim waist. The battery itself is simply indestructible, and the A7 processor unstoppable. The screen is clean and impressive.

The main drawback is the price, especially considering that the cheapest version with 16GB (of which you actually have about 12GB available) is probably not enough to use the full potential of this tablet. If it weren’t for that, it could be said that this is a flawless tablet. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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