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If you are someone who travels often by plane or you are preparing for a trip that you know will take a long time, it’s time to get acquainted with the ways of packing, but also the behavior on the plane that will make your trip much easier. it will not cause a headache, no matter how long it lasts.

Leave the car in safe hands

If you do not plan to use taxi or bus services to the airport, you should also think about where your four-wheeler will spend time while you are on the road. In that case, the safest option is a park and fly system. Pay attention to choosing an adequate place, ideally in private parking lots, close to the airport.

Parking lots near the airport will save you traffic jams, unnecessary waiting, and will provide the best possible protection for your vehicle, the safety of which you can see for yourself, through an adequate video surveillance application.

How to successfully avoid a jet leg?

If anyone has experienced the “charms” of fatigue due to strenuous travel and changes in time zones, then these are people for whom flying is an integral part of life – and who better to answer the question of recovery from jet lag than stewardesses and stewardesses.

The first, and most important thing, which all flight attendants swear, is to avoid electronic devices and be sure to drink tea before going to bed. Also, resting in a darkened room before the flight is a great way to rest your eyes, and then your brain and thoughts.

You should never skip breakfast, and make sure it is rich in protein and healthy fats, which will distribute energy throughout the day. If you eat carbohydrates or sugar, the chances are much higher that hunger will “wake up” on the plane and cause nervousness that will not be satisfied with even three sandwiches.

Wear healthy snacks and supplements

Almonds and other nuts rich in healthy fats are an ideal snack on the plane, and you can freely bring small packages into the plane. Satisfy your craving for sweets, which you can’t bring on the flight, with dried or candied fruit. Of course, one should not overdo the number of snacks taken.

The best way to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria that you come in contact with by feeling the back of the plane is to take supplements before the meal, which will give a little boost to your immune system, and you can take them with you. People usually carry vitamin C, activated charcoal but also analgesics, in case of migraines.

Invest in a sleeping set

Wherever you sit on the plane, leaning on the person next to you or on the window is not a very comfortable or desirable option, neither for you nor for the person next to you. That is why it is not worse to invest in a few items that will make your vacation on the plane much easier.

A sleeping set on the road usually includes inflatable neck pillows, an eye mask, and earplugs. All pieces are very small and easy to carry, and they make a big difference if there is a lot of noise on the plane and you have a long way to go. Headphones with ambient noise reduction are also a good choice to find in your personal luggage.

Charge your laptop and phone

Before you go to the airport, make sure that all the appliances you carry are in good condition, as well as that they are 100% full, especially if you plan to use them on the road. To recharge the device, you can also bring those small, portable batteries and chargers, because you never know whether you will be able to charge your devices on the plane, that is, whether the socket will be nearby.

Dress in layers

Since you cannot predict whether the temperature on the plane will suit you, because it is adjusted to the optimal value, which should suit most passengers, it is recommended to wear or wear several layers of clothing.

In this way, you have provided yourself with a warm wardrobe, which you can easily get rid of, and you have lightened the bag by at least two kilograms (if you do not want to be subject to additional baggage charges).

Tricks to get rid of ear pain

A drop in air pressure when the plane is at high altitudes can cause quite a lot of pain in the inner ear. The air in the ears usually does not manage to equalize the pressure in the plane in time and begins to push the eardrums outwards, which results in sharp pain, which can sometimes cause fainting.

The only advice during this phenomenon is to try to equalize the pressure in the ears, by yawning, chewing, sucking on candy, or blowing your nose while your mouth is closed.

If you are still struggling, ask the flight attendant to bring you some hot water, which you will use to wet a handkerchief, and apply it as a bandage on your ears. Hot water and steam will release the accumulated pressure, and in the future, consider buying earplugs, or using a nasal spray, or ear drops.

Although long-distance air travel is not the most comfortable thing in the world, sometimes it is inevitable and it is not worth treating it with restraint or grumpiness. If you follow these simple tips, we are sure that your flight will be easier than usual, and after that, you will change your mind about every next trip. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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