A healthy meal replacement and alternative diet if you are in active training

For all those who, in addition to active training, are also trying to reduce their calorie intake in order to reach the desired weight, diet planning is a big challenge . As all those who train 3 or more times a week inevitably require meals that will saturate them enough to always be at the peak of strength, but at the same time meals that contain only a source of necessary nutrients , the choice is not easy at all.

As the way of life we ​​lead is mostly dynamic and full of obligations of both business and private teams, we find it difficult to organize every meal in advance. Apart from the fact that it is difficult to plan everything in advance, the preparation of meals and the purchase of necessary groceries often require additional time . It is a great obligation to plan, but also to adhere to everything imagined, and for that reason, in the following text, we present you with healthy meal replacements if you are in active training.

Healthy breakfast for cyclists
Breakfast is an extremely important meal for cyclists , especially if they ride a bike in the morning . It can take up to 12 hours from the last meal until breakfast , during which time your body tries to recover the muscles and supply the brain with the necessary glucose . Recommendation to fast to lose weight if you do this sport is a healthy substitute for breakfast and reduced intake of calories during the day.

Even when you are in a hurry, there are a handful of quick recipes that you can consume on the way to work , the simplest of which are smoothies that are adored and famous . Here are some great ideas that will make your eternal morning puzzle easier – what to eat.

Porridge of soy milk with berries, banana and chia seeds
Scrambled eggs on wholemeal bread with dried tomatoes
Stir with banana, peanut butter, milk and oats
Protein drinks
Protein drinks have long driven the world crazy and now their effect has been proven, which is developing on a daily basis . This type of meal replacement is the most practical option for people who are struggling with time, and who want to follow a balanced meal.

In one renowned protein drink, which is in the form of an instant preparation in a bag or in a box that you mix with milk or water, you get all the necessary nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, minerals and fats. These preparations often contain dietary fiber and enzymes that support the digestive tract and digestion.

Spinach smoothie – health
The opinion is, however, that no matter how good and harmless these preparations have been , nothing can replace one meal of solid food . For that reason, protein drinks are recommended to replace up to one meal a day when you are not able to prepare meals .

Healthy alternatives to high-calorie meals
When you have the opportunity to have fun with culinary endeavors, the choice is far more diverse. In addition to today’s vloggers and bloggers , a large number of fitness ladies and men share new recipes every day, which, in addition to being obviously healthier and lower in calories, are actually delicious . In front of you is a selection of the most delicious alternatives to traditional dishes.

Spiral zucchini as a substitute for pasta can save you 211 calories per serving. You can get spirals by simply peeling vegetables. This is an excellent source of potassium , folate and antioxidants.
Instead of chocolate when you want dessert , dip strawberries in chocolate sauce. This achieves twice the calorie intake. Specifically, 90 g of chocolate contains about 360 calories, while 100 g of strawberries with chocolate topping (one bar of chocolate) carries 170 calories .
Replace cheddar cheese with feta cheese! 30 grams of cheddar cheese contains as many as 125 calories, while feta contains 75.
Instead of ham and cheese sandwiches, try eating salmon sandwiches. Two sandwiches with ham and cheese will cost you 466 calories, while sandwiches with salmon will have 353 calories.
And at the end of the day, treat yourself instead to a Pinja Colada cocktail that has as many as 243 calories, a spicy rum cocktail, pineapple juice and ginger beer that has almost twice as many calories, and its taste is guaranteed to be good.
Diet, enough sleep and training significantly affect the quality of life and his age. Once you learn to follow all the principles , and at the same time stop thinking about them, but just get used to them – you will know that you have succeeded .

If you replaced at least one day of driving a car with a two-wheeler , you would already feel progress, both mentally and physically.

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