5 Good Reasons to Learn English

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English is a language that accompanies us every step of the way – we learn it almost from kindergarten, it can be useful on a trip when we are talking to strangers, listening to music, watching movies and series in this language. It is becoming increasingly difficult to function in the modern world without it.

However, the lessons learned during school are usually not enough to master communication in this foreign language, and that is why it is a wise decision to dedicate ourselves to learning in a targeted and detailed way. If you still lack the motivation to do so, here are 5 good reasons to learn English once and for all.

International friends

If you want to make international acquaintances, participate in volunteer programs around the world, go to your favorite gaming conferences, music festivals or simply participate in online chat groups in which people from different parts of the world communicate – you need to improve your English.

In all multiethnic manifestations, English is used in communication, and it is a precondition for making friends around the world – without obstacles. In an English course, you somehow provide yourself with the possibility of a more dynamic social life.

Entertainment industry

The most dominant epicenters of the entertainment industry are in the English-speaking world. This means that if you want to sing and understand the lyrics of your favorite song correctly – you have to learn English.

Sometimes you won’t be able to find subtitles for your favorite series, and sometimes it will happen that you actually want to listen to the words from the script of your favorite movie on your own – because it’s more authentic than just reading the translation. That is why it is useful – and fun to learn this language, and thus you will greatly simplify and increase your satisfaction in consuming your favorite entertainment content.

Quality spending time

Think about how much time you spend daily in leisure and activities that neither entertain nor fulfill you. Learning something new is a far more rewarding way to make the most of your day. Language courses will take you out of your comfort zone, you may meet new people, and you may develop some aspects of your eloquence and talents that you didn’t even know about.

What is best is the fact that learning English does not require much time, and there are language courses that can be completely adapted to your daily obligations. You can also opt for distance learning, online, but also for individual and group courses – depending on personal preferences.


How often have you found yourself in a foreign country and had difficulty even reading a map? The thing becomes even more complicated when you sit in a restaurant, you want to order food, and you don’t know the local language.

The simplest way to bridge the language barrier in travel situations is to know English. Not only can you find every map or menu in the restaurant in English, but, in the last resort, you can easily find a local who speaks English and who would help you find your way.

By learning the language, you will enable yourself to communicate with the locals, you will enrich yourself as a person by learning about new cultures and customs, find it easier to find and visit the biggest sights, and educate yourself about the history of the place you visit.

Career and studies abroad

If you are interested in traveling the world through education or career development or looking for a home abroad, the basis for that is knowledge of the English language. Most universities in all countries of the world offer exchange study programs for English speakers and it is possible to realize international scholarships for them.

Also, in most international companies, the main language of communication is English. If you want to be a digital nomad or work from home, most freelance job opportunities are offered in this language. That is why it is crucial to learn English.

Whether you decide to learn English out of curiosity, desire for knowledge, fun, or how it will serve you in achieving your life goals, the time dedicated to learning the language will certainly not be wasted and will bring you something new. Satisfaction after every learned word is very useful for our self-confidence, and knowledge of the international language opens the door to a world in which everything is possible.

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