3 Theater Performances in Belgrade that You Must See

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How often do you ask yourself what is on the repertoire of the theater in Belgrade? Does this happen at least a few times a year? Unfortunately, theaters in our country have long been neglected and do not belong to the favorite ways of entertainment. At a time when reality shows dominate Serbian television, we have to ask ourselves whether the theater will be able to return to the big door?

Although it used to be the basic pastime of the upper strata of society, today the theater is open to everyone, and ticket prices are very affordable. Some of the most beautiful works have been performed on the stages of our theaters for years, while the best domestic actors leave their hearts to the audience, experiencing each performance as if it were a play that will mark their career.

If you have not been a fan of the theater until now, we promise that after watching these 3 plays, you will continue to visit it regularly. If, on the other hand, you belong to the Serbian minority that is a regular visitor to one of the Belgrade theaters, we hope that you have already had the opportunity to see these top performances.

“Ivanov”, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov – National Theater

The premiere of this play took place on the Grand Stage of the National Theater in 2016, and it is still current. It is about the work of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov ” Ivanov “, which talks about the problem that tormented Russian intellectuals during the eighties of the 19th century. Chekhov brought Ivanov to the stage, a man tormented by sluggishness, indifference, and obstacles that he cannot overcome. Through his works, Chekhov tried to find an answer to the question of why people full of energy, brave, passionate, and noble, lose their life force in the period between the thirties and the forties? Why are we tired?

To this day, there is no single opinion about Ivanov. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov managed to intrigue numerous critics and give freedom of interpretation to anyone who decides to watch this play. There is no character in Russian theater and literary criticism who has provoked so many debates, disputes, and interpretations, which is why we warmly recommend you to watch this play at our National Theater.

Although there have been numerous attempts to describe and define Ivanov’s character, it remains “locked in some Chekhov’s secret that provokes new attempts at interpretation” (AP Skaftimov).


Directed and adapted by: Tatjana Mandić Rigonat


Ivanov Nikolai Alekseevich – Nikola Ristanovski

Ana Petrovna, Ivan’s wife – Nada Shargin

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860 – 1904)

Chekhov was a Russian narrator, playwright, and novelist. His works depict everyday life with a dose of sad humor. With his plays, he has had and continues to have, a great influence on the European market. Some of his works are Uncle Vanja, Wedding, Three Sisters, Forest Spirit, and many others.

“Hilarious tragedy”, Dušan Kovačević – Atelje 212

“Hilarious Tragedy” is a play that will make you laugh to tears through hilarious chaos. It is about a father, a war hero, who came out of an institution for the mentally ill, married a patient of the same institution, and came to visit his heirs. Heirs have enough of their everyday problems and are not ready to face the insane situation that is at their door.

These characters will take you through funny and tragic situations, with a combination of imaginary and real. Family members do not understand themselves, so they do not understand each other, while all the time trying to answer the question ” who am I really ?”.

Director: Marko Manojlović


Rose – Sonja Kolačarić

Milan – Branislav Trifunovic

Neven – Aman Ćorović

Julka – Katarina Žutić

Kosta – Nebojsa Ilic

Rhine – Anica Dobra

Vasilije – Branimir Brstina

Doctor – Branislav Zeremski

Policeman – Radomir Nikolic

Dušan Kovačević
Dušan Kovačević is a playwright, discovered in Atelje 212. His first significant theatrical drama is ” Marathoners run the lap of honor “, and besides it, there are many others who have experienced great popularity. These include ” Radovan the Third “, ” Balkan Spy “, ” Hilarious Tragedy ” and others.

“Three classes and Mrs. Nusic”, Vladimir Djurdjevic – Belgrade Drama Theater

This play was written in honor of Branislav Nusic, the most famous and most important Serbian comedian. It should be immediately emphasized that this is not a documentary or historical piece. The writer used historical characters to create an original story that will provoke laughter. In the play, Branislav Nušić meets the characters who will later celebrate his plays and lives on the stage as well as the characters of those plays. The homage to the great writer is made so that he actually lives, and visitors can see him on stage “with his head, beard, and mustache”.

The play presents excerpts from his autobiography, as well as a combination of lines and ideas that Nusic used in his plays. In this way, we thank Branislav Nušić for the works that are today an inexhaustible source of metaphors, and his writings have entered the jargon. The premiere was held in 2014, and since then it has been on the repertoire of the Belgrade Drama Theater.

Director: Milica Kralj


Branislav Nusic – Danijel Sic

Dimitrije Bodi – Slobodan Boda Ninković

Zivka Bodi – Sandra Bugarski

Darinka Djordjevic – Paulina Manov

Milorad Cvijović – Andrija Kuzmanović

Nina Angelopoulos – Jelisaveta Orašanin, Ivana Nikolić

Pera – Vladan Milić

George – Lako Nikolic

Vladimir Đurević. Vladimir Đurević is a Serbian screenwriter and playwright. He is the author of the plays ” Don’t Play the English “, ” Daily Commandment “, ” Goodbye Cockroaches ” (a dramatization inspired by the lyrics of the Sarajevo band Zabranjeno pušenje), and many others.

Do not miss the highest quality performances of Serbian theaters and the extraordinary performance of our actors. Let’s try to make the theater an integral part of Serbian culture again, and to make the halls full to the last seat. Enjoy!

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